Graf-Lantz The Quiver

Next time you’re heading out to the park, an early spring shore visit or just relaxing in the comfort of her patio use the Quiver to bring along a bottle of wine. Working just like a koozie the Quiver will keep you bottle chilled in it’s 5mm thick merion felt and vegetable tanned leather strap and details. The belts will tighten down to fit any size bottle (no boxed wine here) and will store completely flat. $130 from Fitzsu.

Moore & Giles Bar Rollup Utility Bag

Designed in partnership with celebrated mixologist Jim Meehan, this stylish yet functional utility bag and bar roll-up feature a myriad of organizational compartments and elasticized pockets for the professional bartender or bar enthusiast to transport tools essential to the craft. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts can also use the roll-up for transporting knives and other tools vital to the trade. This may be out of my budget, but I think it is gorgeous. $740 at Moore & Giles.

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

Classic elegance and modern Swiss design meet in Lamy’s Dialog 3 Fountain Pen. Wrapped in a palladium finish the pen features a retractable 14K gold nib that retreats into the pen which is then sealed by a protective lens. Beautiful. $238 at Lamy Pen Shop.

New Year, New Homepage!

Firstly, I am sorry for the recent absence. A lot has changed over the past two weeks. Here is one of those changes. To start off the New Year, and our new life in Nashville, I’ve redesigned my homepage. It is simple and minimal (my style), but hopefully it is also straightforward, and intuitive. Now the following domains will redirect you to

Please leave comments and let me know if you like it or not. I wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year!.

Düller’s 36-color Pencil Set + Sketchbook

New design Japanese collective IDEA Idea partnered with an old school German art supply firm to create Düller. The mission: Combining Japanese notions of harmony with the German penchant for methodology. There’s parallel symmetry in the same-sized pencil box and sketchbook, and the box and book cover are made from recycled paper (harmony with Mother Earth!). Perfect for the artist or architect or design-loving doodler. The paper is specially crafted for colored pencils. There are 36 colors in this pencil box: red, orange, pink, light blue, white, yellow, yellow-green, green, purple, blue, black, brown, carnelian, vermilion, grey, pale orange, chrome yellow, ultramarine, deep green, Van Dyke brown, magenta, gold, silver, Prussian blue, rose red, sky blue, lemon yellow, emerald green, mandarin orange, wisteria violet, lilac, olive green, peacock blue, leaf green and reddish brown. $96 at A+R.

LawnBott LB3200 Evolution


The LawnBott shears up to 30,000 square feet of grass all by itself. The sensor causes a directional shift whenever the mini mower bumps into an object at least 4 inches high or detects a perimeter wire you’ve laid out. When the rechargeable lithium batteries start to run down, the little guy returns to its docking station to juice up. And it uses only about $10 worth of electricity a year, so even the greenest gardeners have zero reason to stress. The bot can be programmed to a regular schedule, and it’s so quiet you can set it to mow at the crack of dawn while you sleep in.$2,499,

Alice Supply Co. Metal Toolbox

Alice Supply Co. Metal Toolbox

This non-traditional toolbox brightens up any job that needs to be done. Whether you put your gardening tools, art supplies or handy tools in it, it makes having a tool box a lot more fashionable and fun. Available from GSelect for $45.