Sapphire – Knoxville, TN

Sapphire - A Modern Bar

Sapphire has a very modern urban feel, something that much of Knoxville lacks. The interior displayed IKEA chairs with glass tables, it seemed clean. The music was quite loud, don’t expect to be able to hold a conversation, and lighting was so minimal that I could barely read the menu. The sushi (crab roll) was fantastic. The drinks are considered pricey by Knoxville standards, but their list is extensive and the menu has nicely detailed descriptions of each, which I appreciated. All of the drinks that we had seemed strong, but that’s why we’re drinking ’em, right? Overall, it is a great place for those from larger cities, it gets rid of that “town” feel that exists in a lot of East Tennessee. If you’re looking for a nice up-scale lounge, this is it. Their website has a menu with prices in PDF format. Image taken from the Sapphire Flickr Photostream..

Eat.Shop Guides

Eat Shop Guides

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The Big Bang – Nashville, TN

The Big Bang

Located at 441 Broadway, The Big Bang is a dueling piano bar. It is a fun experience – the first time. It is supremely loud due to two people trying to out-sing one another – the pianists are very talented, but both times I visited this establishment, they sang the same songs. There is very little seating and absolutely nowhere to dance. Getting a drink at the bar is next to impossible, and the servers that tend to the seated area seem to come to you only once. On top of all of this, there is a cover charge just to enter the dank and overcrowded place. Try it once.