Mammoth Tusk Carved Skull Cufflinks by Staunton & Studds

The Staunton & Studds hand-carved Mammoth Tusk Skull Cufflink Set is crafted from the rare ivory of the 10,000 years extinct wooly mammoth. The set is a cool reminder of the depths of time and the wonders of life. Increasing in value as the earth’s limited inventory of mammoth ivory declines; these replica human skull cufflinks will never go out of style. $300 at Staunton & Studds.

Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry

Harem Royal – Screwpulous Jewelry is known for the emotional power and raw energy, as well as the romantic yet contemporary nature of his weapons in disguise. Integral to the Harem Royal jewelry is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements : fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, softness and severity. Beauty is a weapon and you simply can’t have the femme without fatale.