Heretic Couch By Autum

18 Gauge, Steel Coffin. Italian Leather. Production run of 3. $4,500 at Autum.

Silver Demon Mask by MissMonster

Each mask is hand poured, hand finished, hand painted by the artist. Amazing! Only $48 at MissMonster’s Shop, but currently sold out.

The 2-in-1 Christmas & Winter Background from My Village Holiday Village Accessories

Finally, someone has created a premium-quality, beautifully illustrated background for your lighted holiday villages. Amorous couples on a crisp winter night, the silent majesty of snow-covered mountains. $50 at My Village.

Killbot by Haunted Ventures

12′ tall. 8 Channels of animation. High pressure blast of smoke and air emit from the Killbot’s mid-section. Giant claw hand grabs at onlookers. Rotating chain gun fires puffs of air! Check out the way too long YouTube video. $7,500 at Haunter’s Depot.

Bejeweld Goat Skull

This Indonesian Bejeweled goat skull is hand adorned with gold plate and steel by Indonesian artisans famous for their craft and skill. The goat is a magical symbol. $200 from Dapper Cadaver.

3 Door Dungeon Cage

Large steel cage built to be human size has 3 hinged doors, top, middle and bottom. Available for rental or sale, model not included. $900 from Dapper Cadaver.

Round Calendar by Petr Bykov

The Round Calendar is a side-project of Petr Bykov from Russian design studio Saccade. Only $11 at Saccade.

Family Crests

Found it at House Of Names. Stylized and recreated by yours truly. Some traditions are beautiful. What’s in a name?.

Neverend: A Designer Clock Series with Dan Funderburgh

More about the design at Kitsune Noir. $198 at Furni.

Everyone Ever in the World – 2nd Edition

Designed by The Luxury of Protest

2nd Edition: Screen print gloss milk-white ink on GFSmith Plasma Polycoat 700 micron Clear Natural plastic. Print by K2 Screen, London. Edition of 20.

“Everyone Ever in the World” is a visual representation of the number of people to have lived versus been killed in wars, massacres and genocide during the recorded history of humankind. The visualisation uses existing paper area and paper loss (die cut circle) to represent the concepts of life and death respectively. The total number of people to have lived was estimated through exponential regression calculations based on historical census data and known biological birth rates. This results in approximately 77.6 billion human beings to have ever lived during the recorded history of humankind. The total people killed in conflicts was collated from a number of historical source books and was summed for all conflicts – approximately 969 million people killed, or ~1.25% of all the people to have ever lived. The timescale encompasses 3200 BCE to 2009 CE – a period of over 5 millennia, and 1100+ conflicts of recorded human history.

The sequence of dots to the top left of the graph shows the dramatic increase in the number of conflicts over the past 5 millennia (left to right : 3000 BCE to 2000 CE) with the most recent 1000 years being the most violent. The large dot below the graph represents the 1000 years to come : a predicted startling increase in human conflict.

The relative simplicity and intuitive graphical approach of using a die cut area to represent total people killed, lends a direct poetry to the concept and affords the viewer an instantaneous assessment of the degree to which conflict has shaped human history. Printing in transparent ink allows for a visual assessment of die cut area as compared to paper area without interfering graphics. The graphic simplicity of the poster belies the necessary complexity of mathematical modeling of cumulative population size and the depth of research required to obtain death counts for all conflicts of recorded human history. However, it is the very same simplicity of representation that imparts a somber and respectful tone to such a weighty subject matter

About $100 at Counter Objects.