A. Lange & Söhne or Glashütte Original

Lange vs. Glashütte

Who is better? A. Lange & Söhne or Glashütte Original?

While ordinarily this should be an easy question to answer, I congratulate you for presenting a true horological conundrum. My love for all things Lange is by now well known. While I admire most of what Glashütte Original is doing (its cartoonish sports watches notwithstanding), I will almost always choose its neighbor from down die Strasse.

If you’re looking for an investment-grade heirloom, then get the Lange. That said, choosing between German haute horlogerie timepieces like these two is splitting hairs, and, in the end, they exist in the same plane of quality, so I recommend going with the one you will enjoy wearing.

To your larger rhetorical question about brand vs. style, it really should not be about either. Rather, when considering a fine timepiece, one should look at the merits of the watch itself — its innovations, build quality, level of decoration and finishing and pedigree. As for style, it is fleeting, while classic design lives on. Choose wisely.