Ashtray Heart, A Cocktail by Erik Ellestad

First up is a favorite cocktail around this house, created by friend, bartender and blogger extraordinaire Erik Ellestad. Erik and his lovely wife live in San Francisco, where he tends bar at Heaven’s Dog and is known online for his well-researched and exhaustive blogging of all the drinks in The Savoy Cocktail Book at Underhill-Lounge. What is not commonly known about Erik is that he is permanently in the Halloween spirit, mixing and writing from the dungeon laboratory office below his house. How’s that for a cocktail with appropriate pedigree?

1 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
1 oz dry vermouth
1 oz Punt e Mes vermouth

Pour a small amount of mezcal into a cocktail glass and turn it to coat the inside completely. Discard excess mezcal and set the glass aside. Stir rum and vermouths well in an iced mixing glass and strain into the waiting mezcal-rinsed glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist and serve.

Originally posted on SLOSHED!