19th Century Lower Class British Slang

Abbess: Female brothel keeper. A Madame.
Abbot: The husband, or preferred man of an Abbess.
Bacca-pipes: Whiskers curled in small, close ringlets.
Barkers (Barking Irons): Guns. Pistols, esp. Revolvers.
Beak: Magistrate
Beak-hunting: Poultry stealing
Bearer up: Person that robs men who have been decoyed by a woman accomplice.
Bend: Waistcoat, vest
Betty: A type of lockpick
Billy: Handkerchief (often silk)
Bit Faker: A coiner. A counterfeiter of coins.
Blackleg: A person who will work, contrary to a strike. In the Colonies they are called Scabs.
Blag: To steal or snatch, usually a theft, often by smash-and-grab
Blob, on the (Blab): Begging by telling hardluck stories.
Blooming, Bloody (Blasted, etc.): are forms of profanity not heard in polite company
Blow: Inform.
Blower: Informer. Also a disrepectful term for a girl.

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