The Ultimate 1st Aid & Trauma Kit

With this kit you can take care of minor cuts, severe lacerations, hemorrhaging,  gun shot wounds, minor and severe burns, and anaphylaxis. You would of course need to know how to use each item, for that I suggest a TCCC Course. Click here for a full contents list.

My kit consists of the following items:

Johnson & Johnson 1st Aid Kit

1. J&J Red Cross All-Purpose First Aid Kit

170 items. Great “Boo Boo” Kit. $8 at Target.

Bandages & Dressings Module

2. Chinook Med Bandage & Dressing Module

Stop serious bleeding and bandage wounds. $55 at

Burn Module

3. Chinook Med Burn Module

Bandage serious burns and prevent infection. $46 at

Chest Wound Module

4. Chinook Med Chest Wound Module

Relieve a sucking chest wound/tension-pneumothorax and prevent a collapsed lung. $93 at

Medication Module

5. Chinook Med Medication Module

Selection of the commonly needed over the counter medications. $36 at

Suture/Syringe Module

6. Chinook Med Suture/Syringe Module

Thorough and complete kit for use in Third World countries, remote areas, or anywhere else you may need to protect yourself from unsanitary conditions. Clean, sterile supplies for wound closure, suturing, debridement, immunizations, injections and IVs. $40 at

SOF Tactical Tourniquet

7. Chinook Med SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Stop hemorrhaging. One of 2 tactical tourniquets authorized for purchase by the US Army. $28 at

Twinject Epi Pen

8. Chinook Med Twinject Epi Pen

Epinephrine helps you breathe by relaxing constricted airways in the lungs. It also reverses dropping blood pressure by constricting small blood vessels. $100 at